Breville Steam Wand Not Working - 5 Reasons and Best Fixes

Breville Steam Wand Not Working (5 Reasons and Best Fixes)

Every coffee consumer would know how reputable a Breville espresso machine is on the market. Its reputation is great because of the functions it provides its users with.

One of those functions is the steam wand used to froth the milk. Now, just like any other machine’s functions, this steam wand could go out of order at any time. 

So why is the Breville steam wand not working? The steam wand of the Breville espresso machine could stop working due to various reasons. They include the clogging of the steam pipe, the faulty thermostat, etc.

To fix it, you would just need to open and unclog the pipe. For the other problem, just replace the thermostat and it will be all well.

Further in this article, you will get to know more about the problems with the Breville steam wand and their solutions. So, make sure you read till the end to take it all away.

5 Reasons Why Your Breville Steam Wand Is Not Working

Breville Steam Wand Not Working - 5 Reasons and Best Fixes

Clogged Pipe

The very first and the most common reason for the halt in your steam wand’s functionality is the clogged steam pipe.

The pipe that supplies steam to the wand could get clogged often due to the remaining steam or foam, that could block the pipe. This could hinder the future frothing process.

Fortunately for you, this problem is not difficult to get rid of. You can easily resolve this issue by yourself.

You will just need a needle to take out the foam formed in the pipe. For the future, just keep in mind that you need to clean it after every frothing you do.

Thermostat Issue

Another problem that could render your steam wand dysfunctional is an issue with the thermostat of the wand. This component controls the temperature that makes the steam and is used for frothing.

If this component stops providing a mandatory 115 degrees Celsius temperature, then the steam wand will not work.

To counter this issue, you could simply replace the thermostat or call a professional to look into the issue and suggest a fix.

Thermometer Issue

At first glance, the previous and this issue would seem to be the same, but that is a wrong perception.

The thermostat controls the temperature of the steam, but the thermometer makes sure that the temperature reaches 115 degrees before turning it OFF.

So, as it would seem, the thermometer issue could render the steam wand dysfunctional because the machine’s circuit would not know when to let the steam through.

The only solution to this issue is to replace the thermometer because you can not fix it once done.

Water Heater Issue

This part of the Breville espresso machine heats and maintains the temperature of the water in the machine meant for the steam.

In some cases, this component could get faulty as well. This scenario halts the machine from heating the water which could lead to no steam in the wand.

The easiest solution to this issue would be to descale your machine immediately. Doing so will take out any residue in the heater making it functional again. 

Another solution would be to take out the heater and clean it manually from the inside and outside as well. This will resolve the heater issue for you.

Problem With The Solenoid

The solenoid is an electric part of your Breville espresso machine connected to the circuit. Sudden power surges or any electrical issue could make the solenoid faulty as well.

This controls the flow of water and mainly every function of the machine.

If the solenoid of your machine becomes faulty, the only possible solution for it is to replace it. But, do remember that when you get it replaced, make it mandatory that you descale it after. 

This would assure the smooth functionality of your machine and the steam wand as well. So, go for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Avoid Issues With The Breville Steam Wand?

While operating your Breville espresso machine’s steam wand, there are certain tips that you should follow to keep any issues away from it.

These tips would not only maintain the functionality of your Breville steam wand, but also they could save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

The first of the tips is that make sure you clean the steam wand after every use.

This practice ensures that no foam stays in the pipe which would save it from getting clogged.

This is the most common problem faced by people so this tip must be helpful.

The second one is that whenever you are not using the steam wand, make sure that its button is turned OFF and it is not ON for no reason.

Keeping it ON would continue making steam that could lead to hard clogs in the steam pipe.

The third tip is to make sure that your Breville steam wand is always facing downward always, whether it is being used or not.

This makes sure that nothing gets in the wand while it is facing upward.

Last but not least, always cover your espresso machine with a small cloth to make sure that no dirt gets stuck in any part of the machine including the steam wand.

This is a minimal but useful practice to adopt.

Why is my Breville steam wand not working?

There could be various reasons why your Breville steam wand would stop working.

Some of the most common issues for these issues include thermostat or thermometer issues, clogging of the pipe, water heating element issue, etc.

All of these issues are internal issues of the machine and can be resolved by yourself.

Just open up the machine and if the problem is with a physical component, simply replace it. If the problem is a clogged pipe, just use a needle to unclog it.

How do you unclog a Breville steam wand?

Unclogging a Breville steam wand is pretty simple. You just need a needle to clear out any foam in the wand.

But, if the foam is too thick to be cleared out by a needle, then you will need to detach it and open it up.

You can unclog it by detaching it and using slightly hot water to pass through the wand.

After that use the needle with a small piece of cloth on it to clean the insides of the wand and clear any residue of the foam from it.

Why is my Breville iron not steaming?

There are not many issues with the wand that could stop the iron from steaming.

The problem could be that there is not enough amount of water in the water reservoir of the machine.

You can easily resolve this issue by simply adding more water to the tank, unplugging the machine, plugging it back in after a few moments, and using the wand. You will see that it would be working just fine.


Breville is an exceptional espresso machine brand reputed for its functionalities. The steam wand is one of them, and if any issue befalls them, it could prove to be a hassle for you. 

So, whenever you use the steaming mechanism, make sure to follow proper measures to preserve the functionality.

And if you face some issues, be ready to resolve them as soon as possible using the guide given to you in this article.

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