(Expert Guide) How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig

(Expert Guide) How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig?

Many Keurig models have an auto-off feature that powers off the brewer when not in use. This feature helps save energy and reduce power costs. 

But sometimes, this feature can become annoying, especially when using it in a commercial setting. Thus, you may want to switch off the auto-off mode in such a situation. 

The process for switching off the auto-off feature varies from model to model. For instance, to switch off the auto-off on a Keurig Mini, you have to opt for a completely different way than for K-Elite. Moreover, many Keurig models do not even allow you to turn off the auto-off mode. Therefore, the complexity of this process can confuse many people. 

I have curated it for all those who want to know how to turn off the auto on Keurig. This article will guide you through the auto-off procedure for different Keurig models.

How to Turn Off Auto-Off Feature on Keurig?

(Expert Guide) How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig

I get frequently asked about how to turn off auto-off on Keurig. And here, in this article, I shall address all these questions. 

Keurig auto-off mode turns off the brewer when it is not in use. It helps in saving energy and also prevents short circuits and electrical fires, which are quite common when the brewer is left on. 

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about switching off the brewer. The auto-off mode will automatically turn off the brewer after some time. 

The duration for auto-off mode also varies among different Keurig brewers. In some models, the brewer switches off after two minutes of inactivity. While in others, it may even take up to two hours. 

Sometimes, this feature can become pretty annoying, and you may want to power it off. However, doing so is not as easy as it seems since every Keurig model has different settings. 

There are also some models in the Keurig range that don’t even give you the option to turn off the auto-off mode.

Thus, the procedure for switching off the auto-off mode varies from model to model. 

To switch off the auto-off mode, you first need to know the model of your brewer. Because many people are not even aware of the Keurig model they use. 

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Here is the process for switching off the auto-off feature for different Keurig models;

How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig K-Elite?

Keurig K-Elite brewers are disabled after two hours of inactivity. The auto-off mode ensures minimum power consumption and prevents fires that may occur if the device is left on for many hours. 

But if you want to turn off the auto-off mode on K-Elite brewers, then observe the following method; 

  • If your device’s auto-off mode is on, you will see a moon icon on your K-Elite display. 
  • Press the “Settings” button on the brewer. 
  • Locate the “Auto-Off” button, indicated by a moon icon. 
  • Use the “Up” and “Down” arrows to turn off the auto-off option. 
  • Once the auto-off mode is disabled, the moon icon will not re-appear on the screen. 

How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig 2.0 Brewers?

Keurig 2.0 models, discontinued now, also have an auto-off feature. These brewers turn off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity. 

If you own a 2.0 brewer and wish to switch off the auto-off mode, you must follow the below process;

  • Go to the brewer’s “Setting” Menu. 
  • There you will find the “Auto On/Off” option. 
  • Select the “Off” option. It will disable the auto-off mode.

There is also an “Energy Saver” feature in Keurig 2.0 models. It works similarly to the auto-off mode but with a significant difference that you have the liberty to choose at what time of the day your brewer should turn off. 

How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig K-Select and K-Cafe?

K-Select and K-Cafe models turn off automatically after two hours of inactivity. You can switch off their auto-off mode with the help of the following procedure; 

  • The green light on the machine indicates that the auto-off mode is enabled.
  • Switch off the brewer but do not unplug its switch from the socket. 
  • Now press the “10oz” and “Strong” buttons simultaneously for about three seconds. 
  • Turn on the brewer, and you will notice that the green light is no longer illuminating, implying that the auto-off mode is now disabled. 

How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig K-Duo and K-Duo Plus?

The K-Duo and K-Duo Plus models have a very short inactivation period, i.e., five minutes. After this duration, the auto-off mode turns them off automatically.

The auto-off mode can become pretty annoying when using the brewer in a restaurant or an office. Unfortunately, you cannot switch off this mode on both models. 

The reason is that K-Duo and K-Duo Plus brewers have more water usage than other models. The heating element in the brewer empties the tank quickly. 

If these brewers are left on for a longer period, the heating element can internally damage the brewer. In some severe situations, it may even ignite a fire. 

Therefore, to prevent such misfortunes, the auto-off mode is enabled after a very short inactive period. And you cannot turn off this feature, as it is a crucial safety measure. 

How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig K-Supreme?

The auto-off mode on K-Supreme brewers switches on after five minutes of inactivation. But unfortunately, its auto-off mode is similar to the previous one as you cannot switch it off. 

The brewer will turn off immediately if you don’t use it. Its heating element is quite fast and quickly soaks up water in the tank.

That is why, for precaution, there is no option to disable the brewer in the K-Supreme range. 

How to Turn Off Auto Off on Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Slim?

K-Mini and K-Mini Slim brewers have a very small tank, which holds a small amount of water.

If they are left on even for some time, the tank gets empty, and the heating element damages the brewer. 

To prevent this, the auto-off mode gets activated only after 90 seconds of inactivity on these models. Moreover, like K-Supreme and K-Duo, you cannot disable the auto-off mode. 

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What is the Auto-Off Timer for Different Keurig Brewers?

As you must know by now, different Keurig brewers have varying auto-off timers. Some brewers switch off within minutes, while others may take up to hours. 

The following table can help you navigate the auto-off timer for your Keurig model. 

Keurig ModelAuto-Off Timer
K-Mini 90 seconds / 1.5 minutes 
K-Mini Plus90 seconds / 1.5 minutes
K-Duo 5 minutes 
K-Duo Plus 5 minutes 
K-Supreme5 minutes 
K-Slim5 minutes 
Keurig 2.0 Models15 minutes
K-Elite 2 hours
K-Select2 hours 
K-Cafe 2 hours 

Do all Keurig Models have Auto-Off Features?

The auto-off mode proffers extended convenience to many users. However, not all Keurig models are privileged enough to have this feature. 

The older Keurig models do not have auto-off mode. It means that while using these models, you should be very careful. 

Therefore, you must check first what category your brewer belongs to. If it is an older model, you will have to switch it off after using it, as it lacks the auto-off mode. 

Once you are done using the brewer, you must turn it off properly. Otherwise, the heating element will damage the brewer and may even start a fire in the socket. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my Keurig say auto-off?

Many modern Keurig brewers have an auto-off feature that disables the machine when it is not in use.

The timer for auto-off mode varies from model to model. In some brewers, the machine switches off after two hours, while in portable ones, the timer runs out within 90 seconds. 

Does the Keurig Duo shut off automatically?

Yes, if the Keurig Duo has not been used for up to five minutes, it will automatically shut off. This happens due to the brewer’s auto-off mode, which cannot be disabled.

Is it dangerous to leave Keurig on?

Yes, it is very dangerous to leave the Keurig on while you are not using it. Initially, the heating element sucks in water, leading to water waste.

But once the tank gets empty, short circuits and electrical failures are likely. 

Author’s Takeaway 

I find the auto-off mode very useful in my Keurig brewers. There are times when I just forget to switch off the brewer.

But I don’t have to worry because I know that the auto-off mode will disable the brewer itself. 

However, the frustration of restaurant owners regarding this auto-off mode is also understandable.

This mode completely disables the brewer, implying that to use it again, you will have to re-initiate the process from the very start. 

Now that you know how to turn off the auto off on Keurig, you can easily power off this mode on your brewer.

On the other hand, to turn on the auto-off mode again, you will have to reverse the procedure, which is also pretty simple and straightforward. 

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