Make Tea in a Keurig Brewer

(Best Methods) How To Make Tea in a Keurig Brewer?

Keurig brewers are popular for their reliability, optimal quality, and convenience. But few people know these coffee makers are multi-functional, as you can also make tea in them. 

Making tea in a Keurig brewer is possible. The easiest tea-making method in these brewers is using the Tea K-Cups. Besides, you can also make tea using teabags. Still, remember that you cannot directly put tea bags in the holder. Instead, you must follow a specific procedure to make tea in Keurig brewers using standard teabags. 

If you want to make tea in a Keurig but are confused about the process, I am here to help you! This article will guide you on how to make tea in a Keurig brewer and whether it is worth doing so. 

Can You Make Tea in a Keurig Brewer?

Make Tea in a Keurig Brewer

Like coffee, tea also requires extensive preparation and brewing. Making a cup of tea in a conventional way can easily take up to ten minutes. 

Thus, you may also want a quick solution to make your tea. Unfortunately, unlike instant coffee makers, you don’t get many options in the market when it comes to tea. 

However, if you have a Keurig coffee maker, you can use it to make tea. The best part about Keurig is that they will brew your tea the same way as teapots or kettles. 

I have tried tea from Keurig multiple times and loved the taste. No matter which type of tea you want, Keurig will brew it for you to perfection. 

What are the Methods to Brew Tea in a Keurig Brewer?

Keurig brewers are well-known for their convenience and functionality. You can opt for any of the following methods to brew tea in Keurig Brewers. 

  • Tea K-Cup Pods
  • Teabags 
  • Loose Tea Leaves 

Let’s review each of these techniques individually so that you can analyze which method is the most convenient and reliable. 

Tea K-Cup Pods 

The best method to make tea in Keurig brewers is using the “Tea K-Cup” pods. Other than coffee pods, Keurig also manufactures special-edition tea K-Cup pods.

Besides standard Keurig cups, you can also use pods from other brands. Some of the best tea pods most compatible with Keurig brewers include Twinings of London, Celestial Seasonings, and Lipton. 

These tea pods work with Keurig brewers similarly to coffee pods. You have to place them in the holder, and the entry needle will suck the ground tea leaves from the pod. 

If you have the Keurig 1.0 model, press the “Brew” button. But in the case of Keurig 2.0, you will have to use the “Hot Cocoa / Other” button. 

The tea-brewing process is the same as that of coffee. The machine takes one to two minutes to prepare tea from the start. After brewing, the exit needle will pour the tea into the mug.


Understandably, K-Cups and tea pods can be expensive, especially if you are a regular tea drinker. Thus, in such situations, you can opt for tea bags. 

But teabags cannot be directly used for making tea. Instead, you get a hot cup of water from the Keurig brewer. Then place the teabag in the mug and let it brew for a few minutes. 

In this method, no brewing takes place inside the machine. You only get boiled water from the brewer and dip the teabags later. This technique is ideal if you like instant tea. 

Teabags are very portable and easy to brew. But you will not achieve the conventional tea flavor using them. 

Thus, many people dislike using teabags to make tea and prefer sticking to the aforementioned method even though that is costlier. 

Loose Tea Leaves 

Keurig does not recommend this method, but you can still opt for it if you have no viable alternative. But consider that you can only use loose tea leaves if you have a reusable K-Cup

This method of using loose tea leaves is the same as the previous one. You get a hot cup of water from the Keurig brewer. Then steep the tea leaves through an infuser for brewing.  

For an 8oz cup of hot water, use about 6oz tea leaves, just a little more than a teaspoon. But if your cup holds 10oz water, use 1.5 teaspoons of tea leaves, which weigh around 7oz. 

Which Method is the Most Suitable?

Though every tea-making method for Keurig brewers is distinct, comparing them and scrutinizing which is the best is inevitable. For a fair comparison, I made tea using all three techniques. 

Undoubtedly, tea from pods tasted the best and most conventional. Tea pods are specifically made for making tea in brewers. That is why they ultimately taste superior to other methods. 

Next, I rank teabags in the second spot. Making tea from teabags is not only easier but also relatively inexpensive. But as expected, the brew was rather mediocre but still enjoyable. 

Lastly, I will rank tea made from loose leaves. This method was quite messy, as the tea leaves were in loose form and had to be used through an infuser. 

The tea didn’t brew well with loose tea leaves despite using hot water. The process was slow, and the taste could not exceed my low expectations. But if you still opt for loose tea leaves, here’s the tip. 

Use broken tea leaves as they are more flavorful than full leaves. Full leaves have three times less caffeine than broken leaves, which is why the latter tastes better. 

How to Make Tea in a Keurig Brewer?

As stated earlier, there are three methods to brew tea in a Keurig coffee maker. However, the last two methods are similar in terms of techniques. 

Thus, we shall combine their technique under one category, while the first one will be scrutinized under a separate technique. 

How to Make Tea in Keurig Using K-Cups and Tea Pods?

To make tea using this technique, you will need Tea K-Cups or Tea Pods of any brand. Once you have the required material, you can make tea in a Keurig using the following procedure; 

  • Plug the Keurig brewer and switch it on. 
  • Fill the reservoir with cold or room-temperature water. For K-Mini brewers, fill the tank with only one cup of water at a time. Otherwise, the tank will overflow. 
  • Press the “Power” button. 
  • Now open the pod holder and insert the K-Cup or tea pod of your choice. 
  • Push the “Brew” button present at the center of the machine. 
  • Wait for brewing to finish. Depending upon different brewer models, the process may take up to three minutes. 
  • Once brewing is completed, the exit needle will pour tea into the cup.
  • Switch off the machine or fill the reservoir for the next cycle. 

The best part about K-Cups is that they can be used for multiple brewing cycles. I generally prefer using K-Cups for brewing two cups of tea. 

But for the second use, I use the lower water setting. It helps give the tea a stronger flavor despite the fact that K-Cup is half of its original quantity. 

Moreover, it is also suggested to reuse the pod within a particular time frame. The pod will lose flavor if you leave a gap of hours between two brewing cycles. 

Thus, reusing the pod within half to one hour of the first brewing cycle is better. This time frame is ideal as the pod retains its flavor, and the tea will be as good as the previous one. 

How to Make Tea Using Teabags and Loose Tea Leaves?

The tea from teabags and loose leaves is not brewed within the Keurig machine. Instead, you only boil water in the brewer. Observe the below steps to make tea in a Keurig brewer using this method. 

  • Switch on the brewer. 
  • Fill the reservoir with the required amount of water. 
  • Set the tank’s temperature to 192 oF, which is ideal for boiling water. 
  • Add teabag to the cup. Place an infuser in the cup if using loose tea leaves. Fill the infuser with 2 teaspoons of CTC or broken leaves. In the case of tea leaves, use 1 ½ teaspoon. 
  • Place the cup in a drip tray. Ensure that you use a cup that fits the tray size. 
  • Once the water is boiled, press the “Pour” button. 
  • The exit needle will fill the cup with hot water. 
  • Let the cup sit for a few minutes so that the tea can brew. Dip the teabag multiple times into the cup until you reach your desired caffeine intensity.

When you use loose tea leaves, the tea’s intensity can vary from cup to cup. If tea has a weaker intensity, you can add half or a full teaspoon of leaves to the cup. 

Some people make the mistake of placing the teabags/tea leaves into the brew basket. You should never do this; it will clog the brewer’s needles and hamper its functionality. 

Moreover, the tea will not even brew properly. The exit needle will pour unblended herbs into the cup. This tea won’t have a viable intensity and will taste bland and dull.

Can You Make Iced Tea With a Keurig Brewer?

Many people think that one can only make hot beverages with Keurig. But it is not true. You can also make iced tea and coffee in a Keurig brewer. 

Several brands, like Lipton, Snapple, and Luzianne, make sweetened and unsweetened pods ideal for making iced tea. However, remember that the tea will initially be brewed hot. 

You will have to mix the brew with ice or wait for it to cool down. The process of making iced tea in Keurig is the same as of previous ones.

In the end, there will be an additional step where you add ice to the tea. One of the best techniques to change hot tea into a cold one is to use a HyperChiller.

If you use a hyper-chiller, you won’t even have to use iced tea pods. You can even make it iced with standard tea pods. The hyper-chiller will decrease the tea’s temperature within minutes. 

You will be able to enjoy your instant cold tea instead of diluting the tea with ice or waiting hours before the tea chills down in the fridge.

3 Tips to Make The Best Tea in Keurig Brewers

Since Keurig is traditionally a coffee maker, making tea in these brewers is a bit complicated. Here are some tips to help you make the perfect tea in Keurig brewers. 

1. Clean the Brewer 

If you don’t want to ruin the delicate taste of your tea, then you must clean your brewer before every cycle.

Coffee has a more intense flavor than tea. Thus, it leaves a strong residue behind in the brewer. 

If there is water in the reservoir, drain it out. Then fill the tank with fresh water. Next, turn on the empty brewer so the machine pours out the residue from the previous cycles. 

Similarly, check the brew basket to see if it is clean and no debris is left behind. You should repeat the same procedure when you want to make coffee after tea in the brewer. 

If tea leaves get accidentally mixed with coffee, their taste will get ruined, and you won’t be able to have a perfect brew.

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2. Avoid Teas with Spices and Herbs 

Tea comes in many forms, sometimes mixed with spices, herbs, and dried fruits. Tea-goers like to experiment with their tastebuds by trying different types of teas. 

But if you are using a Keurig brewer to make tea, you should avoid using such teas. These teas with added items are challenging to brew in a machine. 

They take more time to release flavors, which makes it challenging to brew them. Moreover, these teas have chunky particles that can cause clogging in the brewer, especially the needles. 

Thus, you should always opt for crushed tea leaves when you want to make tea in a Keurig brewer. They are easy to brew, and your tea will get ready within two minutes. 

3. Master the Keurig’s Intensity Scale

Unlike coffee, tea can be brewed to different intensities. Some people enjoy mild tea. While others prefer a strong caffeine flavor in their morning tea. 

If you master the brewer’s intensity scale, you will be able to brew coffee as per your desired intensity. For instance, you like mild tea. Then brew your tea for a few seconds only. 

But if you prefer a more robust flavor, increase the temperature and continue the brewing process for up to two minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Keurig boil water for tea?

Yes, your Keurig can definitely boil water for your hot beverages. This method is perfect for making hot cocoa, brewing teabags, or making coffee with instant powder. 

Is Keurig good for tea?

Keurig brewers are ideal for brewing a variety of teas. Some of the best teas you can make in Keurig include black tea, oolong tea, and green tea.

What tea is best for Keurig?

Twinings, Lipton, and Tea K-Cups are the best and most compatible tea pods you can use with Keurig. They are specifically made for brewers like Keurig and give off a perfect kettle-style tea flavor. 

Author’s Takeaway 

Keurig is a multi-purpose brewer that can make a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. But you can only make these beverages if you know the right technique. 

Now that you are familiar with how to make tea in a Keurirg brewer, you know that one stop is wrong, and you may end up damaging your coffee maker. 

That is why you must be careful with your brewer while trying any new beverage. You should also consult the user manual or even research on the Internet to scrutinize whether your beverage-making method is correct or not. 

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