How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine? The Best Method

Espresso is one of the drunkest coffee variants in the whole world, but what more could a person ask for than to brew a nice shot of espresso in the comfort of home? For that, you could use a Breville espresso machine to easily brew one for yourself without having to visit a cafe. If you are looking for a guide on how to use the machine, then you are at the right place.

How to use a Breville espresso machine? The first thing would be to read the manual and get familiar with the machine. After that, use the machine 2 or 3 times just to check the flow from the machine parts. Once all the checks are complete. Now, you need to put in the coffee beans, grind them and choose the roast and grind level and brew your coffee.

Further in this article, you will get to know about every step you need to take to brew yourself a perfect shot of espresso. So, stick around till the end and take it away.

How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine For Brewing Process?

How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

Preparing The Machine

Before starting to brew the espresso you will need to prep the machine itself. So, first, you would have to clean every part of it thoroughly. After that, use some fresh water to start the functionality of the machine and check if there are any malfunctions in there. That will show if the machine is fine for usage or not.

Grinding the Coffee Beans

Once you are done with cleaning and checking the espresso brewing machine, now you can proceed with proper espresso brewing. Here you will have to take the roasted coffee beans and put them in the beans hopper of the machine. 

Then set the ground level on the machine interface. You can choose any ground level if you already have experience with brewing espresso before this. But, for the newcomers, it is recommended that you set it to the middle.

Setting the Size of Your Espresso Shot

After grinding the coffee beans meant for espresso, now you need to set the size of the espresso that you are brewing. 

The Breville espresso machine offers you two espresso shots sizes, one is single and the other is double. So, whichever you want to have, select the machine interface.

Scaling the Coffee Beans

Next up, you will have to scale your coffee beans after grinding them in the hopper. Scaling is the most important because your coffee gets brewed only if the grind has been scaled properly according to the holding chamber. 

If you are selecting a double shot espresso and the grind is not enough for that, the espresso will not brew. So, take utmost care while choosing an option and grinding the beans.

Applying Some Tamping Pressure

After properly scaling and grinding the coffee beans, you will now have to apply some tamping pressure in the tamper functionality of the machine. It will add to the taste of the final product you get in the form of an espresso shot.

But, even if you do not get it right the first time, do not worry, with some practice, you will get the hang of it.

Getting the Final Product

At the last, to get your shot of espresso, you will need to collect it in a container. So, for that, you can use the portafilter that comes with the coffee brewing machine. Once you insert it in the chamber, you will have to rotate it until it locks with the machine. 

Once done, you will now have to choose how much you want your coffee. And there you go, you have successfully brewed a nice shot of espresso.

Best Tips For How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

Best Tips For How To Use A Breville Espresso Machine

As we know that Breville espresso machines cost too much. So while using any kind of machine, you need to have some precautions in place. As they are machines, they will eventually die out, so you could save yourself the trouble of renewing them.

The same goes for your Breville espresso machine, if you want to maintain its functionality and elongate its lifetime, you could use some tips on how to use a Breville espresso machine perfectly.

First off, you have to make sure that after every 35 to 40 usages, you clean your espresso machine thoroughly. This is important because the oil remaining in the coffee beans could get stuck in the machine and hinder its functionality.

Secondly, every malfunction can not be corrected by yourself. So, if there comes anytime when you encounter an issue with your machine, it is recommended that you refer to the manual and then contact an expert or the machine manufacturer to solve your problem. 

Because you know if you do something that is not supposed to be done, you could be asking for it. So, think carefully before you do anything like that with your machine.

Watch in Action: How to Use a Breville Espresso Machine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Add Milk To The Espresso In Breville Espresso Machine?

When it comes to coffee consumers, there are all kinds of people. There are normal coffee drinkers, espresso consumers, and even latte and cappuccino drinkers, etc. As we know that Cappuccino and Latte, both have frothed milk in them which makes them so good.

If you are such a person as well, do not worry, Breville has got you covered. The Breville espresso machine comes in with a frothing system. But, to make the milk as efficiently frothed as possible, you will need to make sure that the milk and its container are as cold as possible.

Once made sure, use the frothing wand of the machine to steam the milk. Then you could add milk to your espresso or any coffee product the way you like it. It will all be at your disposal right in front of you.

How Do You Make a Good Shot of Espresso With Breville?

You can make a pretty nice-tasting shot of espresso with the Breville espresso machine. But, it all comes down to the coffee beans you are using. So, choose the ones that you best know or like the taste of, and properly follow the machine instructions to brew yourself a nice shot of espresso.

How Do You Use a Breville Latte Machine?

A Latte is an espresso that has frothed milk as an addition. So, you will not need any new machine, you can use the normal one to make a Latte. 

For that, first, you will need to brew a shot of espresso and then froth some milk using the frothing wand of the machine. Once done, you can then add the frothed milk to the brewed espresso, and voila you now have a Latte at your disposal.


There are a lot of espresso brewing machines out there and some good ones as well. But if you want a touch of some old times on the interface and have the best quality of espresso along with it, then the Breville coffee machine should be the one you go with. 

Because no one wants to reject a machine that could brew espresso perfectly. So, if you’re done with this, go now and have a shot of espresso brewed from your Breville of yours.

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