Can I Take a Coffee Machine On a Plane?

Can I Take a Coffee Machine on a Plane?

Once you acquire the taste of coffee, you become addicted to it. The same has happened with me. I cannot go a day without my cup of coffee. Can I take a coffee machine on a plane?

But I cannot withstand the bland taste of coffee from local restaurants. That is why I always prefer taking my coffee machine with me. 

However, what about those times when you are traveling abroad? Many people like to take their brewers with them abroad, yet they get confused thinking, ‘Can I take a coffee machine on a plane?’

The ‘Transportation Security Association (TSA)” has categorized items you can or cannot take on a plane. Fortunately, coffee makers are approved by the TSA for air transportation. Still, a set of confined rules must be followed while taking a coffee machine on an airplane. 

I have created this guide for those who want to know whether they can take a brewer on a plane. The guide contains everything you must learn to take your coffee machine on a flight. 

Can I Take a Coffee Machine on a Plane in a Carry-On?

Can You Take a Coffee Machine on a Plane
Can I Take a Coffee Machine on A Plane?

Carry-on luggage offers convenience, as you get to have your baggage with you all the time. However, the question is whether taking a coffee machine on a plane is allowed under the carry-on category. 

The coffee machines are allowed in a carry-on only if they oblige with the specified regulations. According to the TSA rules, you cannot carry sharp objects on a plane in carry-on luggage. 

Usually, coffee makers do not have sharp components, except those with removable blades. For brewers with removable blades, you must remove them before submitting them to carry-on luggage. 

Next, you should check the brewer’s size. The carry-in luggage is stored in the compartments above the passenger seats. If your machine is too big, it won’t fit, creating an unnecessary fuss on the spot.

Moreover, the coffee maker’s weight should also be according to the plane’s guidelines. If the weight goes above the plane’s limit, you won’t be able to take the machine on the flight. 

Thus, before boarding the plane, you must check the machine’s weight and verify that you follow all the guidelines. 

The instructions may vary from airline to airline. The best option is to visit the airline’s website and check whether your luggage complies with their rules. 

Can I Take A Coffee Machine on a Plane in Checked Baggage?

Like carry-on, you can also carry a coffee machine in checked baggage. But there are still a few rules you must oblige to if you want to take your coffee maker in checked luggage. 

The typical limit for checked luggage is 32 kg. You must ensure that your luggage’s weight, including the coffee maker, is less than the limit. 

Similarly, the coffee maker should not be too big. Airlines only accept baggage that is portable and easy to transport. If your brewer is too big, the airline may refuse to board it on the plane. 

Even in this scenario, I recommend you check the airline’s guidelines. If the coffee maker falls under their guidelines, well and good. But if it’s too big, you may need to drop the idea of carrying a coffee maker to a plane. 

Which Method Is the Best: Carry-On or Checked Luggage? 

Can I Take a Coffee Machine on a Plane

I have traveled with a coffee maker using both carry-on and checked luggage. And in my opinion, the checked baggage is the best method. 

Many people consider the check option unsafe since the risk of damage and misplacement is always involved. But the comfort and assurity this method provides is worth taking the risk. 

If you choose the carry-on option, you must take the coffee maker wherever you go. It may cause discomfort and hassle, which may also ruin your trip. 

For instance, think about yourself carrying a hefty coffee maker all around the airport through several security checkpoints (especially if it is an international flight). 

Then, you must board the plane with the machine and worry about getting an appropriate overhead compartment. The process becomes even more uncomfortable if you switch planes between destinations. 

Similarly, you will have to repeat the process when re-boarding the plane back to your home. Thus, I suggest you take a chance and opt for the checked luggage. 

What are TSA Guidelines for Traveling with a Coffee Machine?

People often ask questions on TSA’s social media platforms about traveling with coffee makers on a plane. TSA has responded to queries that provide much-needed clarification about the subject. 

According to the TSA, you can carry a coffee machine on a plane as long as it follows the size and weight limit of the airline. If the brewer is under-weight or under-size, that would be fine. 

But if its weight or size exceeds the limit, you will have to leave the coffee maker. Furthermore, none of the items should have sharp parts or edges. Otherwise, the brewer won’t be able to pass the security checkpoint.  

How to Pack Your Coffee Machine for Traveling? 

You cannot take an unpacked coffee machine and board the plane. Instead, just like preparing your luggage for a trip, you must pack your coffee machine for traveling

Preparing your brewer for traveling is essential because it ensures you abide by the TSA guidelines. Besides, it protects your coffee maker from damage, which is common during traveling.  

You can pack your coffee maker for traveling with the help of the following method; 

Do Not Pack the Brewer While It Is Wet 

The first thing you should do while packing your coffee maker for a trip is ensure that it is dry. Some coffee machines come with liquid pods that can leak during travel, creating a mess and hassle. 

Therefore, to avoid such a situation, make sure that the brewer is completely dry. You can even air-dry it with a blow dryer as an additional precaution. 

Keep the Brewer Packed In the Original Box 

Another thing you must do is keep the brewer packed in its original box. I recommend you to do so because of two notable reasons. 

First, keeping the brewer packed in its original box provides maximum protection. The box is specifically designed for the brewer, and the machine perfectly fits in it.

Lastly, but most importantly, the box prevents suspicion at the security checkposts. When the brewer is packaged in some local box, it may ignite suspicion at the airport. 

Therefore, it is better to keep the brewer packed in its original box, as it proves helpful in security clearance at the airport. 

Bubble Wrap the Brewer

Coffee makers are delicate machines that can get damaged even with minute mishandling. If you opt for checked-in luggage for carrying your brewer, it is better to bubble wrap the box properly. 

You don’t know how much brutality and mishandling your luggage goes through in the airport. Moreover, the airlines will not be responsible for any incurred damage. 

That is why taking prior precautions is always the better option. You should adequately pack your coffee machine in bubble wrap to ensure it reaches the destination safely. 

Use a Travel Case 

You can also use a travel case to further ensure the coffee machine’s safety. Travel cases are readily available in the market and online stores. 

You can priorly order a travel case for your coffee maker. Travel cases are padded with foam and are shock-absorptive, ensuring the machine remains secure, even during turbulence. 

What are the Best Coffee Machines for Travel?

Having coffee in local coffee shops now and then can be pretty expensive. Since taking a coffee maker on a plane is permissible, why don’t you bring one on your trip?

However, indeed, not every coffee machine is suitable for traveling. Some machines are too big, while others are heavy and may have sharp components that are banned on airplanes.

That is why you cannot take any other coffee maker on a plane. Below are some of the top portable coffee makers, which make them the most suitable for traveling. 

Can I Take Coffee Grounds on a Plane?

If you take a coffee maker on a plane, you may also want to take coffee grounds. But before taking them along, it is essential to consider whether doing so is permissible. 

Fortunately, taking the coffee grounds on a plane has the same rules as boarding with a coffee maker. You can easily take coffee grounds on air travel as long as they are dry. 

TSA rules state that coffee grounds are allowed on a plane. But they will be subjected to an additional screening process before you take them in a carry-on or check luggage. 

Keep the coffee grounds in their original box, as taking it through the security checkpoint will be easier. Besides, you should check the airline’s rules before taking the coffee grounds for air travel.

Can I Bring Coffee Pods on a Plane?

Coffee beans and pods are often confused to be the same. But it is not valid. Both items are of different nature. One comes in bean form, while the other is crushed or liquid. 

Dry coffee pods with crushed or powdered beans are allowed on a plane in both check and carry-on luggage. But if they have liquid content, the security might restrict you from taking them on a plane.  

According to TSA, instant coffee pods must undergo a special screening process. They will be only allowed on the plane if they pass the test. 

Furthermore, you should also check the security regulations of your destination’s airports. The luggage rules vary from country to country. 

Thus, it might be possible that the things that are legalized in your country might be banned at your destination, which may also include coffee machines, beans, or pods. 

Author’s Takeaway 

 Coffee lovers prefer their acquired taste of coffee. Thus, people prefer taking their coffee makers on trips. But I suggest you experiment and try coffee from the local restaurants and cafes. 

This will save you from the hassle of packing and taking a coffee maker along with you on the trip. However, it is your choice to take the coffee maker on a plane. 

All you must ensure to do so is that you are following the airline’s regulations. Otherwise, you may face several inquiries and complications at the checkpoint. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take a kettle on a plane?

TSA allows passengers to take electrical appliances like kettles in their carry-on and checked luggage. However, the passengers must undergo an additional screening process to do so. 

What Coffee Maker is The Best for Air Travel?

The coffee maker, which is the most portable, is undoubtedly the best for air travel. I find Aeropress, Kuerig Mini, and Wacaco the most suitable for air travel among so many brands.

Can I Bring A Coffee Mug On A Plane?

You can bring a coffee mug on a plane as long as it is empty. TSA does not allow liquid content in luggage during the screening process. But once it is done, you can refill your mug with coffee. 

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