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How Much Does Breville Repair Cost? All Appliances List

If you own a Breville appliance and it’s stopped working, you may be wondering how much repair costs.

Repairing your broken appliances can seem expensive, but here is a quick estimate of how much Breville espresso machines cost.

Breville repair costs can vary depending on your machine’s type and severity. Generally speaking, most small repairs, such as replacing a filter or a seal, will cost around $50-75. A more extensive repair, such as replacing a circuit board or motor, can cost up to $200.

In this article, I’ll talk about how to keep the price down while still getting your machine fixed. A lot more about Breville espresso machines and appliances.

List of Appliances and Breville Repair Cost

1Espresso Machines$50-$300
2Nespresso Machines$40-$200
4Coffee Machines$40-$400
5Coffee Grinders$20-$100
6Tea Makers$50-$200
8Food Processors$100-$500

Are Breville Espresso Machines Repairable?

The Breville machines are repairable with the proper tools and knowledge. Doing repairs at home can save a lot of money compared to taking the machine to an official service provider.

As well as allowing users to get their favorite machine up and running faster than waiting for technicians to come to them. 

And in certain scenarios, preexisting warranties may even cover some parts or all of the cost of home repairs if done properly.

Breville espresso machines can often last year after year with proper maintenance and repair, making them great long-term investments for daily use.

How to Keep Cost Down?

There are ways to get your Breville repaired without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on how to keep costs down while getting your Breville back in top shape. 

Check Your Warranty 

The first thing to do is check if the appliance is still covered by warranty. Many Breville appliances come with a one-year warranty.

So if you’re within that time frame, you may be able to get free repairs or a replacement unit from the company. 

Be sure to have your proof of purchase handy when contacting customer service as it will help them look up any information they need. 

Do It Yourself 

If you’re comfortable with electronics and know what needs to be fixed, try doing the repairs yourself instead of hiring someone else. 

This can save you money and also help you gain some new skills. However, make sure not to attempt anything beyond your level of expertise. As this could end up costing more in the long run.  

Hire a Professional Repair Service 

Make sure to do some research on local repair services before making your decision.

Look at reviews online and compare prices. So that you know what type of service you’ll be getting for the money you spend. 

You should also ask about warranty policies and whether they offer guarantees or refunds in case something goes wrong with the repair job.  

What Are Some of the Most Common Breville Repairs?

Breville repair cost

The most common Breville repairs include:

  1. Replacing broken parts
  2. Repairing worn-out parts
  3. Cleaning stubborn messes
  4. Electrical issues

1. Replacing broken parts is often the simplest solution when something isn’t working properly. If a part has broken off or is otherwise damaged beyond repair.

Then it must be replaced with a new part in order for the machine to work correctly again. 

Oftentimes, these replacement parts can be found easily online or in stores that specialize in kitchen appliances. Breville Barista Express Service Cost for replacing broken parts is around $50-$100.

2. Worn-out parts are another frequent issue that arises with Breville appliances. Over time, certain components may become weaker or less efficient due to normal wear and tear from use. 

For example, an electric blender’s motor may start to show signs of wear after several years of use. This could lead to trouble blending ingredients or even cause a fire hazard if not addressed promptly. 

To fix this problem, you would need to replace the motor with one that is designed specifically for your model blender. 

The Breville repair cost for fixing worn-out parts is higher than replacing broken parts.

Repair Breville Oracle Part (Save Breville Barista Express Service Cost)

3. Cleaning stubborn messes inside your Breville appliance can also require professional attention or special tools. In order to thoroughly clean without damaging any internal components or wiring. 

Grease buildup inside ovens and grills can cause problems as well as create dangerous situations while cooking if they are not regularly cleaned out. 

If you can’t clean the machine you can higher someone. It costs less than any other service.

4. Electrical issues such as faulty wiring or circuit boards that have gone bad should always be handled by a qualified technician.

Especially hire one, who has experience troubleshooting electronic appliances like yours. 

The Breville repair cost for electrical issues is around $150. However, the price can fluctuate according to the issue.

What Do I Do if My Breville Espresso Machine Breaks Down?

If you want to save the extra cost for Breville repair, there are several steps to follow. You can take it to get your Breville espresso machine up and running again if it breaks down. 

  • The machine’s manual will provide instructions on how to troubleshoot any technical problems. 
  • Consider consulting online resources such as Breville’s YouTube channel for helpful video tutorials on resolving common concerns. 
  • If the issue persists, contact their customer service department or bring it to a professional repair shop. 
  • With a bit of effort and patience, your beloved machine should be back to serving delicious espressos in no time.

Breville Espresso Machine Maintenance Video


Typically Breville repair cost is a bit high than other appliances. But the best part is, due to the high-quality material used in manufacturing, Breville machines do not require too much repairing. 

However, when dealing with a malfunctioning Breville kitchen appliance, it’s important to first identify what type of repair is needed. 

Common types of Breville repairs include replacing broken parts and repairing worn-out parts.

Knowing what to expect from these different types of repairs will help you maintain your beloved kitchen appliance for many years to come.

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