Why Won't My Keurig Turn on

Why Won’t My Keurig Turn On [Reasons And Troubleshooting]

Although Keurig brewing is a great machine to make coffee. But still, it can create some issues often. And one of them is it won’t turn on sometimes. But here are some quick steps to follow if you think, why won’t my Keurig turn on?

  1. Make sure the Keurig electric plug is securely attached to the outlet. 
  2. Cross-check the Keurig brewer in different outlets to insure that the problem is in the machine not in the outlet. 
  3. Make sure the power button on the brewer screen is ON. 

Though these are the very basic steps, to approach any further root cause, you’ve to ensure these steps. 

Further in this article, I’ll explain, how to fix a Keurig brewer that won’t turn on, and what are the reasons that make a problem. 

So, let’s get down to the business. 

6 Reasons: Why Won’t My Keurig Turn on

Why Won't My Keurig Turn on

Whether you’re the proud owner of a brand new Keurig or have been using yours for years, there will come a time when your Keurig just won’t turn on.

Here are five reasons why your Keurig won’t turn on. 

External Power Can be an Issue

External power is a very common issue, that we typically neglect on a specific outlet. You have to make sure that switches, knobs, and power cords are working correctly.

Because if any of these items have some issue then the Keurig brewer will not turn on. 

The Power Cord Issue

The most common reason why your Keurig won’t turn on is that the power cord isn’t connected properly. Make sure that your power cord is securely connected to an outlet, and that the cord and the machine itself are tight. 

If you find that the power cord isn’t connected properly, try switching to another outlet to see if that helps. 

The Unit Has Overheated

Coffee makers can overheat if they are used too often in a short amount of time, or if they are used in an area with poor ventilation. If this happens, your unit may shut down as a safety precaution. 

You should let the unit cool down first before trying to use it again. For future safety, you should move your Keurig brewer to another place near ventilation. 

The Water Reservoir is Empty

While using a Keurig brewer, the water reservoir has the main role to make a coffee cup.

So the common problem is forgetting to fill up the water reservoir before turning on the machine. Be sure to check the reservoir for water before trying anything else.

The Control Panel Is Unresponsive

In the case of a touchscreen Keurig brewer, it’s likely that its control panel is not responding properly. As we know, on the touchscreen Keurig brewer, there is a power ON button on the screen. And we have to press this button to turn on the machine. 

So, if you’ve got a wet finger, or press the On button loosely, you need to press it again. But if you take all the measures correctly, there is an issue in your control panel. That you need to consult with a professional or contact to Keurig support team. 

You Have Not Set Up Your Machine Properly

If this is your first time using a Keurig or if you’ve recently purchased a new model, there could be something wrong with how it’s set up.

So make sure all instructions provided by the manufacturer have been followed correctly.

4 Simple Ways to Troubleshoot When Your Keurig Won’t Turn On 

Why Won't My Keurig Turn on

Make Sure the Power Button is ON: 

The first step in troubleshooting when your Keurig isn’t working properly is to make sure that the power button is actually turned ON. You may have accidentally switched off the power while cleaning or moving your machine. 

So double-check that everything is plugged in securely and that the power button is in the “on” position. It’s also a good idea to make sure that all cords are firmly connected and not loose or frayed at all. 

Move to Another Outlet

If you’ve checked that the power switch is on and still nothing happens, try plugging your Keurig into another outlet or using a different surge protector altogether if possible. 

This can help determine where exactly the problem lies. There may be a problem with the outlet itself or with something else in your machine, such as an internal fuse that needs to be replaced. 

Reset the Keurig Brewer

From time to time, you may need to reset your brewer by unplugging it from its current outlet. After that wait for at least 15 minutes before plugging it back in again. 

This simple trick can often do wonders for machines that are having trouble turning on. Due to software issues or glitches within their system. 

Clean It Properly May It be Clogged

Lastly, make sure you’re regularly cleaning out any built-up grime or debris. That might be clogging up sections of your Keurig brewer like water lines or drip trays. 

Cleaning or descaling your machine will give make sure that you have got a brand new machine. After cleaning, turn the machine ON. It’ll surely gonna work. 

Watch the Video For More Guide: Why Won’t My Keurig Turn On

Keurig Won’t Power ON After Descaling

After descaling you may run into a problem, “why won’t my Keurig power be on?” 

The most likely issue is that some water has gotten stuck in the power supply or sensor area. So unplugging it and letting it sit upside down and tipped slightly to the side should help water out. 

If this doesn’t work, try cleaning out any residual buildup around the slots where the power cord plugs in. You can also try pushing the “reset” button depending on your model of Keurig. 

If none of these remedies work, then you may need to seek professional help and have an expert look at the internal parts of your machine.


I know it can be frustrating when your favorite kitchen appliances stop working unexpectedly. Especially when we depend on them for our morning cup of coffee.

But I’m pretty much sure if you were concerned about why won’t my Keurig turn on, this guide has fixed your issue.

I tried my best to give you enough insight into what might be going wrong and how you can fix it quickly and easily. So you can get back to enjoying delicious cups of joe in no time.

Meanwhile, if all else fails, contact Keurig customer service for more assistance with troubleshooting.

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