[Fixed] Keurig K Supreme Descale Light Won't Turn Off

[Fixed] Keurig K Supreme Descale Light Won’t Turn Off

The descaling light on Keurig K Supreme is beneficial to tell us when our machine requires descaling. But what if you descale your coffee maker often or just perform the descaling, but still the light is on? Then your question is correct; why is Keurig K Supreme descale light won’t turn off? 

Keurig K Supreme descale light won’t turn off if you don’t perform the process well. Another reason can be that the water filter is clogged, and the light won’t turn off, so you fix this error. To turn off the light, solve these problems, and the light will go off. 

The purpose of the descaling light is evident. It tells us a problem with the machine. So it’s never dangerous if your Keurig K Supreme descale light won’t turn off. 

Let’s take a look into some more reasons behind this issue. I’ll also walk you through the solutions and a comprehensive guide on how to descale your Keurig K Supreme perfectly. 

7 Reasons the Keurig K Supreme Descale Light Won’t Turn Off

[Fixed] Keurig K Supreme Descale Light Won't Turn Off

Though there can be many reasons behind this problem, some of the most common ones are listed below. Make sure you check them one by one to fix this issue.

  1. Improper Descaling Procedure
  2. Clogged Water Tank
  3. Malfunctioning Sensor
  4. Electrical Issue
  5. Outdated Software/Firmware.
  6. Dirty Needle or K-Cup Holder
  7. Overuse or Misuse of the Machine 

Improper Descaling Procedure

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The main issue that I’ve seen behind this problem is the descaling issue. Either people don’t descale their machines often, or they don’t know how to descale their machines. Both reasons can cause this issue. 

If you believe you may have made a mistake during the descaling, try repeating the process using distilled white vinegar. This solution should be used instead of any other descaler or cleaning product. Additionally, ensure that you follow all instructions precisely to ensure optimal performance from your machine.

Clogged Water Tank

If your water tank is clogged or dirty, it could prevent water from flowing freely through the system. 

To fix this issue, empty all the water and clean out any debris or residue in the tank. Do this with a soft cloth and warm soapy water before refilling it with fresh water. Before attempting to brew again, you should clean out any clogs in the needle or K-Cup holder.

Malfunctioning Sensor

A malfunctioning sensor inside your Keurig K Supreme machine could also cause the descale light. If this is suspected to be the case, contact customer service for further assistance with replacing or repairing the malfunctioning part.

Electrical Issue

In some cases, an electrical issue may be causing your descale light to stay on even after completing an entire cycle of descaling. If this is suspected to be the case, unplugging your machine for five minutes and then plugging it back in can often restore standard functionality. 

However, if this doesn’t work, you will need to contact customer service for further assistance with resolving electrical issues within your machine.

Outdated Software/Firmware  

The first potential problem is that your machine’s software or firmware could need to be updated. When new updates are available, they can help keep your machine running smoothly and provide bug fixes for common issues like this. 

To check if a software update is available, consult your user manual or contact your machine manufacturer directly.

Dirty Needle or K-Cup Holder

A dirty needle or K-Cup holder can also cause problems with your descaling light. Over time, coffee grounds and oils build up in these parts; and interfere with the regular operation of the machine. 

To fix this issue, simply disassemble your machine and thoroughly clean all its components with a soft cloth or brush. This should resolve any issues you were having with the descaling light.

Overuse or Misuse of Machine

Finally, if you’ve been overusing or misusing your Keurig K Supreme by running it too frequently or using it unintentionally, it might trigger an error message like this. 

To solve this problem, take a break from using the machine for at least 24 hours before trying again. This will give it a chance to reset itself properly so that you don’t experience any further issues down the line.

How to Fix a Keurig K Supreme Descale Light That Won’t Turn Off?

One of the most common problems with the Keurig K Supreme is when the descale light won’t turn off. This indicates that you must descale your coffee maker to maintain its performance. 

Here are some of the steps you can take to get your coffee maker back up and running again:

Check Your Water Filter

If you have not replaced the water filter recently, this could be causing the issue. Replace the water filter and see if this fixes your problem.

Descale Your Coffee Maker

You will need to descale your coffee maker every two months or earlier to remove any mineral buildup from hard water or other contaminants that may have made their way into your machine. This will ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Clean the Inside Of The Machine

Ensure all parts of the machine are clean, including inside and outside surfaces, as well as any removable parts like drip trays or k-cups holders. Doing so will help ensure optimal performance from your coffee maker each time you use it.

Run Water Through The Machine

Fill up the reservoir with fresh, filtered water and run several cycles through it before making a cup of coffee or tea. This will help flush out any debris that may have been left behind after cleaning out the inside of the machine.

A Quick Guide on How to Descale Keurig K Supreme Correctly

Descaling your machine is essential to its maintenance, as it removes calcium deposits and prevents them from building up in the future. Following this easy step-by-step instruction, you’ll be able to complete the process with confidence: 

  • Pour out any remaining water into the reservoir and let it cool. 
  • Fill the tank with one cup of white vinegar and two cups of cold water. 
  • Hold the ‘brew’ button until all liquid has passed through. 
  • Fill up the reservoir again and repeat the brewing cycle several times until all remaining vinegar and water have run out. 
  • Fill up the tank with clean water and repeat brewing multiple times until any residue is clear; don’t forget to discard this water each time.

Bottom Line: After following these instructions appropriately, your Keurig K Supreme will be as good as new. 

Watch This Video: Keurig K Supreme Descale Light Won’t Turn Off


I’m pretty sure that after reading my guide you can fix this problem. Make sure you follow the steps to turn off the light. 

To remind you again, if your Keurig K Supreme descale light won’t turn off, make sure you descale the machine thoroughly. This will ensure that your machine is clean and has no residue left. Ultimately, the light will turn off. 

However, if the problem remains the same, instantly contact Keurig customer support, or call a technician for further steps. If you know the technical stuff, you can check the light wiring, and there may be an issue with the button or light bulb, etc. 

Meanwhile, the problem is easy to solve, and you can do this at home. Tell us your experience with the problem in our comment box.

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