Where Are Jura Espresso Machines Made

Where Are Jura Espresso Machines Made, Manufactured, and Refurbished in 2023

Do you have a Jura espresso machine or just wondering to know who makes them? Well, being a coffee lover it’s really worth knowing where are Jura espresso machines made.

All Jura brand espresso machines and other relevant products are designed and manufactured in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland. All the machines are made with the highly advanced technology according to Swiss manufacturing standards. 

In this blog post, I’ll clarify more about Jura espresso machines manufacturing, designing, headquarter, and a little not on its history. So, make sure you read the complete blog post. 

Everything You Need to Know: Where Are Jura Espresso Machines Made?

Where Are Jura Espresso Machines Made

If you’ve been curious about the popular Swiss-made espresso machines, I’m going to discuss more. From where the company is headquartered to where the machines are refurbished. 

Where is Jura Headquartered? 

Jura Espresso Machines are headquartered in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland. The company has been based out of Switzerland since 1931 when it first began as a repair shop for coffee and espresso machines.

Today, it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of coffee and espresso machines. 

Where Does Jura Manufacture Espresso Machines?  

The majority of Jura products are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Niederbuchsiten.

However, some components are imported from other countries such as Germany and Italy due to their superior craftsmanship. 

All Jura espresso machines undergo rigorous quality control testing before being shipped off to customers around the world. 

Where is Jura Refurbished? 

In addition to manufacturing new products, Jura also refurbishes used machines at its headquarters in Niederbuchsiten. 

Every machine that goes through the refurbishing process undergoes extensive tests to ensure that it meets all safety standards and performs to its maximum potential.

Refurbished models come with a full one-year warranty. So buyers can feel confident that they are getting a quality product at an affordable price. 

History of Jura Espresso Machine

Where Are Jura Espresso Machines Made


The Jura espresso machine was first developed in 1931 by Leo Henzirohs, an Austrian engineer. It was originally intended to serve two shots of espresso simultaneously and became popular across Europe shortly after its introduction. 

Over the next few decades, the design of the Jura machine was refined and new features were added. In 1961, an automatic pouring system was added which enabled coffee makers to prepare up to 20 cups of espresso at once. 

Today, modern models allow users to customize every aspect of their beverage creation experience. A simple touch of a button allows users to change bean type and frothiness.

First Release

They released their first espresso machine, the Impressa 500, in 1994. The machine quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality coffee makers with innovative features, like rapid one-touch brewing technology. 

The Revolution

Since then, Jura has continued to stay ahead of the competition with its cutting-edge designs and advanced programming capabilities. 

Their latest offerings include the Giga X8 series which boasts two separate grinders. Plus a 15-bar pump pressure system for maximum flavor extraction from each cup of coffee brewed. 

In addition to offering exceptional performance, Jura also prides itself on its sustainability initiatives. Such as using recyclable materials in all packaging materials and offering extended warranties. That can be serviced locally to minimize environmental impact. 


Whether you’re looking for a brand-new or refurbished Jura espresso machine, there’s no better place than the original Swiss manufacturer itself.

With over 80 years of experience crafting high-quality coffee and espresso-making equipment. You can trust that any product from Jura will be worth your investment for many years to come. 

In a nutshell, I hope now you know where are Jura espresso machines made and what’s its history. The company’s headquarters in Niederbuchsiten expertly manufactures every component. 

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