Where Are Delonghi Espresso Machines Made

Where Are Delonghi Espresso Machines Made?

Delonghi espresso machines are world-renowned for their superior quality and reliability. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line machine for your home, these machines are sure to please. But where are Delonghi espresso machines made?

Delonghi espresso machines are made in both Italy and China. The company has two factories in Italy, one near Treviso and the other near Bologna. This is where the more premium models of their machines are made, such as the Magnifica line and the PrimaDonna range. 

These Italian-made models feature superior craftsmanship and materials and are hand-crafted by experienced artisans.

In addition to its Italian production facilities, Delonghi also operates a factory in China that produces lower-end models such as the ECP3120 and ECP3121. 

Despite being produced in a different locations, these Chinese models still offer excellent performance at an affordable price point. 

Where is Delonghi Made?

Most of the Delonghi appliances are made in Italy and Chine. However, some of their parts are sourced from other countries as well. But a high percentage of manufacturing is done in Italy.

Is Delonghi a Good Brand?

Delonghi is one of the top names in small kitchen appliances, and for good reason. Their products are consistent with high quality. Whether you’re looking for a new espresso machine or an air fryer, Delonghi makes appliances in both luxury and budget ranges that are sure to please. 

They have been awarded many accolades, such as the prestigious Kitchen Expert Award. As well as winning praise from customers around the world who praise their dependability and smart design features. All of this serves to cement its reputation as one of the premier brands in kitchen appliances.

History of Delonghi Espresso Machines

Where are Delonghi espresso machines made

Delonghi’s Beginnings 

Delonghi was founded by the DeLonghi family in 1902 in Treviso, Italy. Initially, Delonghi sold electrical heaters and other heating appliances and later expanded into producing air conditioners. 

In 1968, they began manufacturing and selling coffee makers, mostly manual ones for making Moka pot coffee (also called “stovetop espresso”). 

The Rise of Automatic Machines  

By the early 1980s, Delonghi had become an international success. Thanks to its innovative automatic espresso machines that eliminated the need for manual labor when making coffee. 

Its first coffee machine was released in 1984 and quickly became a household staple. It was followed by other models such as the Lattissima (2007) and PrimaDonna (2009) lines. 

Which featured milk frothers built directly into the machines for added convenience. Since then, these classic Italian designs have been adopted around the world as standard-bearers of quality espresso brewing technology.

New Technology  

In recent years, DeLonghi has continued to innovate with new technologies like its patented Cappuccino System Plus. Which ensures that each cup of coffee is perfectly brewed without any waste or mess. 

The company has also incorporated energy-saving features into its products. Such as thermal block heating systems and quick start-up times to reduce energy consumption. While still maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the brewing process.


I hope now you know where are Delonghi espresso machines made.

Delonghi espresso machines come from two different locations Italy and China. But regardless of where they’re made they all share one thing in common: outstanding quality and performance. 

From the precision engineering of their Italian-made models to the reliable construction of their Chinese ones, each machine is built to last and will serve you faithfully for years to come.  

Their attention to detail ensures that each model lives up to their exceptionally high standards of excellence. Which makes them one of the best brands on the market today. 

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