5 Reasons Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water - Best Solutions

5 Reasons Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water (Best Solutions)

Sometimes, Keurig Mini could malfunction and could stop pumping water. In such a case, the machine will not brew any coffee because the water is not getting to the brew head.

If you face the same issue, you might wonder, why is Keurig Mini not pumping water? Here is a quick answer. 

Some of the most common factors that could render Keurig’s pumping functionality dysfunctional include clogged pipes, scaled machines, or less water. If you resolve these issues, there is a 99 percent chance that the pumping will get to every day. If it is still not working, try contacting a professional for help.

Keurig is undoubtedly a good coffee brewing machine, but it does not mean it could never face any errors. So, whenever you do face one, do not worry. Follow the steps in this article, and you will come out just fine.

5 Common Reasons For Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water (EASY Fix!)

5 Reasons Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water - Best Solutions

Every problem, whether it is a real-life problem or a mechanical one, has some cause to it. The same goes for the Keurig machine as well. Here I give you 5 of the most common problems that cause your Keurig to stop pumping water;

Clogged Pipeline

Clogging in a Keurig Mini is a common yet annoying issue. This could also lead to malfunctions in your machine’s water pumping system. The logic is that the clogging does not allow water to pass through, deviating from any pressure.

Solution: But do not worry. You can quickly get rid of this issue by yourself. You only need a small cloth and a needle to clear the pipes. Wrap the cloth around the needle and wipe the insides of the pipes. And voila, you are done.

Air Lock

Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water

Airlock is another reason for the abnormal behavior of the water pumping system. The logic behind this is that the continuous brewing builds up steam in the machine. This building of steam develops an airlock in the machine, hindering functionality.

Solution: A simple solution to this is to fill the water reservoir of your machine to half. After this, shake the machine and turn it upside down multiple times. If you see the bubbles popping in the valve, the lock is getting undone and will be fine after a couple more shakes.

Descale Required

Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water

Sometimes the brewing frequency and intensity scale the insides of the Keurig Mini so much that it seizes to allow any water through it. This results in low water pressure or no pressure at all.

Solution: In this case, you will need to describe your machine. To do that, you will need a descaling solution; vinegar and water will also work. Open the brew head and pour the solution into the machine. Run the brew cycles a few times.

These cycles will remove any residue in the machine blocking the water pump. Take out the solution and rinse the machine with water to get done with it. Now, the pump will work perfectly fine.

Low Amount Of Water

This little error could also be the reason for your machine’s malfunction. When the water amount in the machine’s reservoir is below the recommended level, the machine will not pump the water for the brewing process.

Solution: To resolve this issue, just fill the water reservoir whole or fill it up to the recommended level. Doing so will resume the machine’s pumping action and start working perfectly.

Pump Damaged Physically

Keurig Mini Not Pumping Water

If none of the above errors are related to your machine’s malfunction, it could mean that your machine’s pump is damaged. It is rare, but intense brewing could lead to either melting or cracks in the water pump rendering it dysfunctional.

Solution: To solve this issue, you simply have to replace the water pump of your machine. You can easily find one at any coffee machine shop or your nearest Walmart. Just bring the pump to take out the old one and place it in its place in the machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix my Keurig Mini that won’t brew?

At first, you will need to identify the factor causing this malfunction in your machine. The two most common could be clogged pipes that could cause negated pumping or less water in the reservoir.

For the clogged pipes, simply use a needle or a thin and small object to clear out the pipes. As for the other one, you will need to fill the reservoir with water till the required level.

How do I Unclog my Keurig K Mini?

To unclog your Keurig K mini, you will first have to open the arm of the machine. It usually is on the top. After that, remove the hose and clear out any dirt or residue using your finger wrapped in a cloth.

After cleaning the hose, take a needle and wrap a small cloth around it. Use this cloth-wrapped needle to clear out the pipe in the machine to which the hose was connected. That is pretty much all you will need to do.

Why won’t my Keurig brew when I press the button?

Your Keurig won’t brew if the pipelines leading to the brew head are clogged, or the power supply is insufficient. These are one of the most common scenarios. You can quickly resolve the first issue using a needle-like object to clear the pipes.

The second one is straightforward; you just need to unplug your machine and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. This will render your Keurig machine to brew coffee again.

What To Do If The Keurig Is Still Not Pumping Water?

In sporadic cases, if your Keurig coffee brewer is still not pumping water, the last resort for you would be to disassemble the machine. Disassembling the machine will give you a deeper insight into its malfunction and make it easier to identify.

First, remove the two screws on its bottom to disassemble it. 

Take out the clips on both sides of the machine by using anything suitable to pry them open. 

1. Once the clips are off, you need to get the chassis out. 

2. To do that, carefully take it out with both hands or another person.\

3. In the next step, you will have to unplug the circuit board from other components, especially the water pump. This will allow you to observe the water pump with your own eyes. 

4. You can spot further damages or any physical malfunctions via this method.

If you do not know what to do even after this, it would be better to leave the machine and contact a professional for help. The optimal and suggested channel would be the Keurig customer care helpline.


I hope after following my guide, you can sort out your problem of why is Keurig Mini not pumping water.

Keurig Mini is a very reliable and easy-to-use coffee brewing machine. The water pump error could become a hassle, but you do not need to worry because every problem has a solution. 

Just follow my guide and walk yourself through the process to resolve any issue you have with the machine’s water pump.

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