What Does the Aroma Button on DeLonghi Coffee Maker Mean?

The Aroma Button on DeLonghi Coffee Maker Meaning

DeLonghi is one of the best coffee machine brands in the world. What makes it so appealing and reputable is the number of functions this machine provides you. One of those functions is the aroma button on DeLonghi coffee maker that controls its aroma settings. Here is a quick answer what does it mean? 

The aroma button controls the strength functionality of the DeLonghi coffee maker. The purpose of this button is to set the strength level of the coffee. Once set, the machine brews an espresso normally, but with an intensity set with the aroma button.

Further in this article, you will get to know more about the aroma button of the DeLonghi coffee maker and its functionality. So, make sure to read till the end and know about the aroma button as much as you can.

4 Features Of the Aroma Button On DeLonghi Coffee Make

What Does the Aroma Button on DeLonghi Coffee Maker Mean?

Before using the aroma button itself and knowing its purpose, you will most probably want to know the key features that make it so good. So, to put away the confusion, I give you 4 different features of the aroma button on the DeLonghi coffee maker that make it unique and desirable;

Coffee Temperature

The coffee temperature is a feature that makes coffee more bitter and intense or less bitter and mild. It all depends on the user’s preferences. The aroma button gives you a range from low strength to high strength.

From this range, if you choose a relatively low intensity, the coffee that the machine brews will be less bitter and the temperature will be low. On the other hand, if you choose a high temperature and intense setting, the coffee will be more intense and bitter.

Strength Of The Coffee

The aroma button determines the strength of the coffee that you brew. If you want a light coffee, you will choose the light coffee setting, and the strong one, strong setting. Keep in mind that the strength and the water consumed are directly proportional to each other.

If you choose the right settings for your coffee, the machine will take less water from the reservoir. For the strong settings, the water consumed will be more. Also, keep in mind that the crema on light coffee will be much more as compared to the strong one while using milk.


The ease of use for the aroma button does make the job of customizing your coffee according to your preferences a lot easier. The button itself gives you three options, mild, normal, and strong.

The user will just have to choose one of these settings and the machine will perform every process to make the coffee according to your choice. This makes the aroma button on the DeLonghi coffee maker very user-friendly and thus easy to clean.

Adjustment Of Water Level

When you choose a certain level of strength on the aroma button, the machine adjusts the water in the brew cycle as well. 

The water adjustment depends on your selected choice. If you select light on the water will be removed from the brew cycle, and vice versa for the high-intensity ones. This contributes a lot to the bitterness or intensity of the coffee.

What Is The Purpose Of The Aroma Button On DeLonghi Coffee Maker?

Different people in the world prefer different kinds of coffee. The DeLonghi coffee maker gives you this aroma option to customize the strength of your coffee according to your choices.

The main purpose of the aroma button on the DeLonghi coffee maker is to strengthen or weaken the taste and intensity of your coffee. The people who like bitter and strong coffee will choose the strong setting and the people with light preferences will choose a mild setting.

In the end, it all depends on the user themselves and how they use the machine functions to facilitate themselves as much as they can. In this scenario, the aroma button is that function.

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Tips For Using The Aroma Button Function On DeLonghi Coffee Maker

Before using any machine, you first accustom yourself to its tips and tricks to operate it perfectly. The same goes for the aroma button, if you do not know about the functionality, then there is a high chance that you could spoil the function of the machine. So, here are some tips to use it.

  • Try not to press the button excessively multiple times. The button does control the strength of your coffee and you need to press the button sometimes to get the coffee. But, if you press the button too many times, it could destroy the button as well and ruin the taste of the coffee too.
  • Read the manual beforehand. The manual which comes in with the machine is a very important part of understanding your machine. You must first read that manual to understand the features of your aroma button.
  • Always look at the timer. The timer tells you the delay in the brew time of the coffee. If the time surpasses or stays below the required strength, the coffee would certainly turn out to be something that you did not want it to be. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does aroma strength mean?

Aroma strength refers to the intensity level of the coffee. It can be easily understood by the analogy that a high amount of coffee grounds will make the coffee stronger. The aroma is a term used for the strength of your coffee, if it is light, it is considered a mild aroma, and vice versa.

What does the Melitta Aroma selector do?

Melitta is a coffee machine brand mainly known for its aroma settings. The Melitta aroma selector brews the coffee from evenly ground coffee beans and in an ideal water flow. This adds up to the taste of the coffee and its strength as well.

Is aroma coffee good?

Is aroma coffee good?

The taste of the aroma coffee depends on the kind of aroma you have chosen for your coffee. Most consumer review says that the high aroma coffees are an average taste and are not too good. They also say that this coffee is better than the medium market ones like grocery stores, etc.

How do I make my aroma better for coffee?

The taste, strength, and every main characteristic depend on the coffee beans you are using. If the beans being used are old or not roasted perfectly, the aroma will certainly fail. 

But, if you use fresh coffee beans and roast them to the right amount, the aroma will turn your coffee into something that pleases the tongue in various good ways. So, do give it a try from different angles.


The aroma button on DeLonghi coffee maker helps people to get the cup of coffee they desire. It has many features that make it so unique and a powerful function to use in brewing yourself some coffee. 

With this function, you can make coffees for your preference and even for others’ preferences as well. Just remember not to overdo it because it could kill the functionality of that button. 

Everything else is completely fine, just select the aroma type, set the timer, and voila, your favorite cup of coffee is right there.

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