Top Reasons Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring

Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring (Top Reasons)

Keurig K-Duo Carafe leaks can be unpleasant when the carafe seepages over the countertop or bottom when you try to dispense a cup of coffee.

The carafe leaking is a common issue with the Keurig K-Duo for different reasons.

So, why does Keurig coffee pot leak when pouring?

Keurig coffee maker will start leaking if water leaks inside the machine’s filter, reservoir, drip tray, or water tube lines. But you can fix any error by replacing or cleaning the part thoroughly. 

The most common leakage is from the bottom; if you own a Keurig coffee maker, you may have experienced a problem where the Keurig leaks from the bottom.

This can be frustrating as it can cause a mess and potentially damage your countertops or floors.

But don’t worry anymore because, in this blog post, I’ll guide you on how to fix this issue and the reasons behind this problem.

Please ensure that you read the article so that you can fix this issue. 

3 Reasons Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring

Top Reasons Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring

There may be different reasons for the leakage of Keurig K-Duo, out of which some common reasons are as under;

Loose Water Reservoir

The most common reason for a Keurig leaking is that the water reservoir needs to be watertight.

The Silicone attachment between the Keurig’s water suction port and the spout of the water reservoir can wear out, which is a reason for water leakage during pouring.

Water Reservoir Overflow issue

The overflow reservoir leaks are also a common problem with the older Keurig models.

The overflow reservoir can get blocked and leak when you brew coffee. When it transpires, the Keurig leaks around the coffee dispenser.

Drip Tray is Not Set

Another cause of leakage or seepage is the drip tray; when it becomes full of water, it will overflow, and the water will go all over the countertop or the floor.

Ensure you always empty the drip tray on time to avoid this issue.

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Why is Keurig K-Duo leaking water from the bottom?

If you have a Keurig coffee maker, you may face a problem where the Keurig coffee maker leaks from the bottom.

This may be a very frustrating issue, as it potentially causes damage and spoiling to the countertops or floor. 

Water leaking from the bottom of the Keurig coffee maker can be caused due to several reasons, including;

  • Seepage of the water due to a reservoir that is not watertight. 
  • Another cause of water leakage from the bottom is that the drip tray may be full of water.
  • Leakage from the bottom may also be due to the blocked overflow reservoir. 
  • The seepage may also occur due to leakage of the internal tubing system. 

The leakage from the base may be expected due to the above reasons or collective reasons.    

How to Fix if Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring?

Top Reasons Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring

Here we will discuss and try to identify the possible reasons and faults why the Keurig K-Duo coffee machine leaks water during poring and provide different tips to fix or solve these problems. 

First, we should determine the reason for the leakage and then try to fix it. 

Suppose the leakage is coming from the water reservoir, a common cause. It means that the water reservoir needs to be watertight.

The silicone layer between Keurig’s water suction port and the spout of the water reservoir may be worn out or torn out, which causes water leakage. 

These are solutions to fix this problem;

Use ‘Hynes Silicon Grease’ to Block the Leak

Put some grease on the water reservoir tank, place the tank back, and take it off a couple of times to spread the oil around. 

The silicone grease ensures that everything is fixed or appropriately set again and fills up any small hole that causes leaking from the water reservoir tank.

Hynes Silicon Grease is a food-grade material that can be used without fear of polluting the water or damaging health.

Put an O-Ring Around the Water Reservoir

You need to press the O-Ring between the water suction port and the water reservoir of the coffee maker.

The O-ring size should be compatible with the water suction port and reservoir sizer. O-rings sizes 7×2 or 8×2 may be suitable to fix this problem efficiently.

Replace the Water Reservoir

If you don’t agree to fix the leak with the above said tips or solutions, you could purchase a new Keurig water reservoir for replacement and replace the same.

Empty or Replace the Drip Tray

If the leakage is because the drip tray is full of water, it will overflow and causes leakage. The drip tray must be empty and always be empty well within time. This is an apparent solution that can be ignored.

However, after emptying the drip tray every time it leaks, you need to replace your coffee maker drip tray. 

Fix the Water Tubing Leaks

If the leakage is due to leaking inside the tubing, the Keurig coffee maker will leak from the bottom. This leak may come from tubes inside the coffee maker or other parts installed therein. 

This problem is most common in older models because these models still need to improve. But it would be best if you do-it-yourself o fix this problem.

Fix The Coffee Dispenser 

Top Reasons Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring

If the leakage is due to an overflow reservoir’s leaking, this is also a more common issue in older models of Keurig Coffee makers.

The overflow reservoir can be blocked and cause leakage when you brew coffee. 

When this appears, the Keurig is not leaking from the bottom but around the coffee dispenser. Here are some tips to fix this problem.

  • To open the handle of the Keurig Coffee Maker.
  • To take out the K-cup holder of the Keurig.
  • Remove the overflow reservoir under Keurig Coffee Maker’s K-cup holder.
  • Remove/clear all the ground coffee from the overflow tank causing blockage with hot water.
  • Place all the parts of Keurig back together, and the leak will be fixed.

Contact Keurig Customer Support if Nothing Work For You 

Top Reasons Keurig K-Duo Carafe Leaks When Pouring

Suppose you’ve tried the above-said solution to fix the leakage of water pouring.

If your Keurig coffee maker is still leaking or you are not a handyman, call customer support and follow the company’s instructions. 

If your Keurig machine is under warranty or the new one, it can be replaced according to the terms and conditions of the sale; otherwise, you will be advised to contact the service center.   


If your Keurig coffee maker has a leakage problem that is bothering you, first of all, you should sort out what kind of leakage or seepage is there. 

After diagnosing the nature or type of leakage, you may apply the relevant procedure or method for troubleshooting the issue.

If leakage is from a water reservoir, ‘Hynes Silicon Grease’ is to be used to block the leak. It is necessary to apply the proper tip according to the kind of leakage.

If your Keurig coffee Maker is still leaking, you should contact the Keurig Customer Support Center for redressal and follow the instructions.

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