How Much Caffeine in Nespresso

How Much Caffeine in Nespresso? Content Chart

The quantity of caffeine content in your Nespresso will depend on the size of the Nespresso pod you have got. Typically there are two kinds of Nespresso machines that use different sizes of pods. So, below is the list of a Nespresso caffeine content chart that will answer your queries.

So, how much caffeine in Nespresso? The caffeine content in the coffee brewed by Nespresso varies with the type of coffee you are making. You could take the two most common coffee types, Americano contains 94mg of caffeine, and Melozio Decaf contains 12mg of caffeine. So, it all comes down to the type of coffee you are brewing.

Further in this article, you will get a detailed insight into the caffeine content of major coffees that are brewed using the Nespresso coffee machine. So, stick around till the end and arm yourself with that information.

How Much Caffeine in Nespresso? Vertuo Vs. Original Pods

How Much Caffeine in Nespresso

There are two kinds of Nespresso machines, the OriginalLine, and the VertuoLine espresso machines. Both of these variants have their own different kinds of pods. The major characteristics and their pods’ specifications are given under.


The OriginalLine Nespresso machine was the first espresso brewing machine of Nespresso. It was introduced in the year 2004. The major identifier of this machine is the size of the pods that are used to hold the coffee.

In the OriginalLine, there is only one size pod that can be used to brew coffee of about only 1.33 Oz. The caffeine content in this lies around about 12 to 50 mg.


The VertuoLine espresso machine was introduced by Nespresso in the year 2014 and it is a unique and popular machine because of its rotation functionality due to which the coffee is rotated at a speed of 7000 RPM to add to the flavor of the coffee. This is one big sign of a VertuoLine Nespresso machine.

As for its pods, the pods come in various sizes that could be used for different sizes of coffee you want to brew. It can contain caffeine content from about 9 to all the way up to 194 mg depending on the coffee you are brewing.

Does Nespresso Coffee Have More Caffeine?

No, Nespresso coffee does not have more caffeine as compared to other coffees. It all depends on the type of coffee you are brewing. could be Decaf, Latte, or Mocha, etc. but on average a Nespresso Pod could have at least 74mg of Caffeine.

Most people think that the amount of caffeine depends on the type of machine you are using to brew your coffee, but that is a completely wrong conception because only the coffee beans could really decide the caffeine in your coffee.

Different Types Of Coffee And Caffeine In Them

Coffee NameCoffee TypeCaffeine
Melozio DecafCoffee12mg
Fortado DecafEspresso12mg
Il CaffeEspresso152mg
Peru OrganicEspresso55mg
Chocolate FudgeCoffee170mg
Vanilla Custard PieCoffee166mg
Bianco ForteCoffee160mg

How To Find Out Caffeine Content In Coffee?

A study shows that the maximum amount of caffeine that an 8 Oz of coffee can hold is about 140 mg. If we divide that figure by 8, we get 17.5, so it would be safe to say that a 1 Oz volume of coffee could contain a maximum of 17.5 mg. 

Now, if you want to check that how much caffeine your brewed cup of coffee could have, you will need to measure the volume of your coffee and then multiply the obtained amount by 17.5 to get a certain amount which will be the amount of caffeine in your brewed cup of coffee.

Nespresso Caffeine Content For Pods Other Than Vertuo Or Original

How Much Caffeine in Nespresso - Caffeine content chart

As stated before, there are many types of pods that come in with the Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machine. So, they could all hold different amounts of caffeine. Hoping right into it, these pods are as follows;


Ristretto is a Nespresso pod that is used for brewing Decaf coffee and is inspired by Italian coffee. Regarding this coffee’s flavor, it has a mix of fruity and acidic. About its caffeine content, it could contain a maximum of 3 mg in a standard size and will vary with the amount you are brewing.


Firenze is another Nespresso pod that is used to brew Decaf coffee. It has the same amount of caffeine as the standard-size cup, but its taste is pretty different, its taste is intense with the deep roasted aroma of coffee beans which adds up to the taste.


Another Decaf coffee brewing capsule called Volluto is an Italian-inspired coffee pod that brews coffee having a biscuit and fruity mixed taste. It is often preferred by people who despise bitter coffee. Its caffeine content is also 3mg in a standard-sized cup.


Roma is an espresso pod that has a maximum of 64mg of caffeine in a standard cup. Its taste also has a roasted coffee beans aroma and a sweet mix of coffee beans acidity. It is one of the most famous espresso variants out there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Nespresso Caffeine Content Related To Intensity Levels?

The intensity level is certainly not related to the caffeine content of the Nespresso machine. Intensity level refers to the concentration of coffee beans content in the coffee brewed. On the other hand, Caffeine is a chemical that is known for its mind-activating effects.

Caffeine never intensifies the taste of coffee, but it does have a chemical effect that boosts sleep-reducing effects. Intensity could be increased using dark roasted coffee beans or increasing the quantity of any coffee beans used. It is all up to your choice.

What Nespresso has the most caffeine?

There is not one specific kind of coffee that has the maximum caffeine in the Nespresso coffee variety. But, a study shows that the coffee that is brewed from Robusta coffee beans has the most amount of caffeine which makes an average of about 154mg. This is pretty high though.

Can you use the Nespresso pod twice?

Yes, you can use the Nespresso pod more than once, but remember that the more you use a single pod to brew a coffee, the weaker and weaker it will become. So, bear in mind all the things that could go wrong if you use it more than once.

What do Nespresso intensity numbers mean?

Intensity defines the concentration of coffee beans in a coffee and the intensity numbers on the Nespresso machine show how much of that concentration is present in a certain cup of coffee. 1 to 4 means light, 5 to 9 means medium, and 10 to 13 means heavyweights coffee.


Coffee brewed by Nespresso coffee machines has varieties of caffeine content in them which could vary with the amount you brew. There do come certain indicators that show how much caffeine is in the coffee.

But, in the end, it all depends on you that how much you brew and how much caffeine is in there. How much caffeine in Nespresso will also depend on the overall size of the pods.

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