DeLonghi Dedica Steam Button Flashing Orange

DeLonghi Dedica Steam Button Flashing Orange – 4 Fixes

Steaming the milk for an espresso is a common practice among people who like to take frothed shots of espresso. To commence the steam, a steam button is given on the interface that starts the process. Sometimes, this button starts to blink with an orange flash. Most of the DeLonghi users do not know what this flashing means. 

Why does Delonghi Dedica steam button flashing orange? Orange flashing on a steam button could mean different indications in the machine. The two most common are that your machine needs a descale or the water tank is empty.

The first one can be solved by starting the descaling process for your machine. You can resolve the second issue by refilling the water reservoir of your espresso machine.

Further in this article, you will get to know about various reasons for the orange flash on the machine’s steam button. There will also be a discussion of the solutions to the problems. So, read till the end and make it worth your while.

4 Reasons Why Your DeLonghi Dedica Steam Button Is Flashing Orange

DeLonghi Dedica Steam Button Flashing Orange

Delonghi Dedica steam button flashing orange could point out different necessities or needs of the machine. Here I will tell you about the four common errors indicated by the orange flashing steam button. 

Water Reservoir Refill

If the water tank of your DeLonghi espresso machine is empty, then the steam button will start flashing orange. This is because the steam functionality requires some water to steam and froth the milk and if the water is not enough, the error is indicated.

You can easily fix this error by refilling the water tank with enough water to steam the milk. Also, you need to look for any damages that could lead to future trouble in the machine and fix them.

Descale Required

DeLonghi Dedica Steam Button Flashing Orange

After some espresso brews, it becomes mandatory for you to descale your machine. This requirement is highlighted via the orange flashes on your steam button. This becomes necessary because the residues and remains of coffee beans in the machine could hinder its functionality.

Make sure to descale your espresso machine as soon as you observe this orange flash on your steam button. Any excess delay could lead to damaging your machine long term.

Issue With Frother Knob

The Frother knob is the part of the machine that controls the steam that is used to froth the milk for espresso. If any issue strikes this frother knob, the steam button will start flashing orange. It indicates some malfunction like loosening of the knob or physical damage to the steam pipe, etc.

You can resolve this issue by checking the frother knob. First, look at the steam pipe and knob’s joint and tighten it if it is loose. Secondly, look for any damage that could result in leakage. Fix that damaged area and the issue will be resolved.

Descale Is Underway

This is not necessarily an error. If all the above errors have been checked and nothing was wrong regarding that, you can also check for this. Your steam button’s light will also flash orange if the machine descale process is ongoing.

The machine’s steam button flashes orange to tell you that during the descaling, the steam functionality will not be usable. So, to resolve this, you will simply need to wait for the descaling to complete. After that, you can use this functionality without any trouble.

Watch Video to Fix: DeLonghi Dedica Steam Button Flashing Orange

Can You Resolve All The Orange Light Errors By Yourself

Certainly, you can resolve all these orange flashing lights errors by yourself. But, if you are new to using espresso machines and do not know your way around the equipment, it is always recommended to ask for professional help.

If you do not want to pay for the help, you can simply call the Delonghi machine helpline. This is much better because the original manufacturers will guide you better regarding your machine and you could easily sort the problems out yourself.

Tips To Avoid Orange Flashing Lights Errors

Facing these orange flashing lights errors on your DeLonghi Dedica is normal. This is mostly because a machine is a man-made object and is bound to have dysfunctions. 

But, you can take some precautionary measures to avoid such errors and keep your machine up and running. These measures could include;

  • Clean your espresso machine every once in a while. The optimal time would be to clean it or descale it after every 35 to 40 usages.
  • Never try to use DIY equipment to repair any damage done to your machine.
  • Always keep an eye on the major components of the machine like the water reservoir, steam frother, filter, etc.
  • Do not let first-timers operate your machine because they could do something wrong that could lead to fatalities in the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my DeLonghi steam button orange?

Two kinds of orange light behaviors are seen in the DeLonghi steam button. One is flashing and the other is staying ON. 

If your steam button is flashing orange, it could mean that your water tank needs a refill. Or there is a need to descale or replace the steam frother. If it is staying ON, it means that a descaling process is happening now.

Why is the steam button flashing orange on DeLonghi?

In a DeLonghi espresso machine, the steam light could be flashing for three reasons

The first one would be that a water reservoir refill is required, the second would be that a descale is needed, and the third one could be that the frother knob has malfunctioned. Addressing these needs could turn that flashing OFF and the issue will be resolved.

Why is my espresso machine blinking orange?

Your espresso machine could be blinking orange because it is either overheated or needs a descaling as soon as possible.

To cool the machine down, you can simply put it to rest for a while. For the second problem, you will just have to initiate the descaling process for your machine, and voila.

Why is my coffee machine flashing orange?

Most of the coffee machines flash orange because they are in immediate need of descaling. But, the error could vary with the machine you are using. 
For some machines, the orange flashing lights could mean some other urgency than descaling. So, know your machine before concluding any error for your machine


DeLonghi Dedica is one of the best espresso brewing machines and any little error indication could be fatal for your machine if not attended to. The orange light flashes are of the same importance and if you leave them be, they could render your machine dysfunctional in the future.

This is major because most of those errors are in their beginning stages and are more or less related to the functionalities of the machine. Any development in these errors could prove to be fatal.

So, once you know the solutions and check for these errors, you should not wait for a second to sort them out. Just make sure that you are properly informed about the machine before opening it up. So, good luck with your future coffee days.

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