Keurig Descaling Light Won't Turn Off After Descaling

Keurig Descaling Light Won’t Turn Off After Descaling (How To Fix It?)

Keurig is popular for manufacturing some of the top-notch coffee makers. Not only do these products have an atheistic appeal, but their coffee gives off a vibe of a perfect restaurant-style brew. 

But after a few months of usage, you will notice a drop in coffee’s quality while its descaling lights constantly pop up. Sometimes, you may even hear vibrating sounds from the machine. 

If your Keurig coffee machine’s descale light won’t turn off, it is probably due to cleaning issues. Sometimes even after descaling, the light won’t go off. It may happen due to poor descaling cycles and clogged exit needles. You can fix these issues by re-running the cycles or de-clogging the needles.

In this article, I shall discuss why Keurig descale light won’t turn off after descaling. Besides I have also enlisted some tips to resolve this issue that can help you restore the brewer’s functionality. 

Why Is the Keurig Descaling Light On?

Keurig Descaling Light Won't Turn Off After Descaling

Descale light is a common feature in all Keurig coffee machines. It is present on the machine’s front, near the buttons. The light goes off when the coffee maker needs cleaning. 

Depending upon the machine’s model, the light will glow either blue or red. But unlike other buttons, it will keep glowing even when the machine is not in use. 

With time, deposits of minerals, especially calcium, may build up inside the coffee maker. Besides, dust particles may also accumulate in pipes. All of these collectively lead to the machine’s clogging. 

When clogging happens, the coffee maker’s functional quality drops.

It won’t be able to brew the coffee beans with the same intensity as before. As a result, the blend won’t taste as good as before. 

You can visually inspect this problem by checking the machine’s bottom. This is where the scale initially builds up.

The bottom area will be clogged with dirt if the descaling is due to maintenance issues.

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Why Is Descaling Crucial?

Descaling is an antonym for scaling. This process becomes essential when scale accumulates in the brewer. Scaling occurs due to the accumulation of minerals in the machine. 

The scaling problem is quite common in places that receive hard water supply. The minerals in hard water, like calcium and magnesium deposits, accumulate in the machine. 

Over time, the deposits become huge and concerning. Contrary to what many people think, scale deposits are non-toxic.

But they can hamper the machine’s performance by clogging pipes and needles. 

The descaling light goes off when the mineral deposits surpass the capacity line. It usually happens when the coffee maker is not cleaned for up to three months.

How to Resolve Keurig Descale Light Issue?

The descale light of Keurig coffee machines pops off when they are not cleaned for a prolonged period. Thus, the viable solution to this problem is to descale the machine and clean it thoroughly.

1. Keurig Descaling Solution

Customers receive a descaling solution with the Keurig coffee makers. This descaling solution lasts for a few months. After that, you can repurchase it from Keurig’s official website. 

As indicated by its name, this solution helps to descale and clean the Keurig machines. It is a specifically formulated solution with perfect acidity to remove mineral deposits from the machine. 

However, you cannot directly use the descaling solution. Initially, the solution is highly acidic. First, you need to dilute it. After a series of steps, the solution becomes viable for cleaning the machine. 

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Thus, if you are confused about using the Keurig descaling solution, the following steps may help you. 

  • The first step is to brew the descaling solution. You can do so by emptying the solution into the water reservoir. 
  • Now fill the solution’s bottle with an equivalent amount of water. Pour the water into the reservoir. Do not let the K-Pod come in contact with the reservoir. 
  • Place a mug on the drip counter so that the descaled waste drips into it instead of creating a mess. 
  • To initiate the descaling process, plug in the machine but don’t switch it on. 
  • Now press the 8-oz and 12-oz buttons simultaneously for about three seconds. 
  • You must press the 12-oz button again to initiate the descaling process for K-Express and K-Iced brewers.
  • For classic Keurig brewers, press the 10-oz button for a few seconds. 
  • The buttons will flash, indicating that the descaling mode is activated. 
  • Wait for the brewer to evacuate the whole descale waste. 
  • Once emptied, remove the cup from the drip counter and drain it in the bin or sink. 
  • Now empty the water reservoir and fill it with fresh water. 

The descaling process for Keurig brewers varies from model to model. To thoroughly scrutinize the process, refer to the user manual or Keurig’s official website. 

If you are still confused regarding the use of Keurig descaling solution, you can consult the following video. 

2. White Vinegar Solution 

We all love hacks, don’t we? 

Keurig brewers are a luxury. Therefore, their maintenance equipment, such as the descaling solution, is also expected to be high-end. 

If you frequently use your Keurig brewer or water at your place is too hard, you should be prepared for frequent descaling sessions. 

However, buying the descaling solution now and then can be expensive. But don’t worry! I have rooted out a very helpful minimal descaling trick for you. 

Upon analyzing Keurig’s descaling solution’s contents, it is evident that its main component is citric acid. And guess where can you also find citric acid

You guessed it right! White Vinegar. It is the perfect alternative to the conventional descaling solution. Besides, it is much less expensive than Keurig’s solution range. 

But remember! You cannot directly use white vinegar without dilution. To use vinegar as the descaler, observe the following method;

  • Take about 7 oz of white vinegar. 
  • Dilute it with the same amount of water. 
  • The ratio of vinegar to water should be 50/50. 
  • The overall solution should be 14 oz.
  • Drain the vinegar solution in the water reservoir. 
  • Press on the descaling buttons and wait for the brewer to descale. 

Instead of white vinegar, you can use filtered lemon juice or citric acid. These two solutions are a little stronger. That is why their ratio to water should be only 30/70.  

This video can give you a visual tutorial on how you can use the Keurig descaling solution; 

Why Won’t Keurig Descale Light Turn Off After Descaling?

Sometimes even after descaling the light won’t turn off. This makes people wonder if the coffee maker has a technical issue. 

But little do they know that besides technical faults, many other reasons may cause the descale light to glow even after descaling. 

If you are confused about why Keurig descale light won’t turn after descaling, you must inspect your brewer for the following prospects. 

1. Complete the Descaling Cycle 

One of the most significant mistakes people make is not letting the descaling cycle complete. On average, Keurig brewer requires up to thirty minutes to run one complete descaling cycle. 

This rest time is crucial as the descaling solution takes time to come into effect. Similarly, if you use a DIY descaling solution like white vinegar, lemon, or citric acid, the cycle may take 40-45 minutes. 

The light won’t turn off if you stop the descaling process in between. Thus, you may need to re-run the cycle to ensure the brewer descales completely. 

In fact, you should only stop the descaling process when the descale light turns off. Because doing so ensures that the descaling process is finished.

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2. Clean the Clogged Needles

Keurig coffee brewers have two needles. They are namely entrance and exit needles. 

The entrance needle pierces through the K-cups and injects water into the pods to brew coffee. On the contrary, the exit needle delivers brewed-to-perfection coffee in the cup. 

These needles are extremely thin and can easily be clogged. When clogged, they hamper the machine’s brewing quality. Similarly, they can also affect the completion of the descaling process. 

Thus, as long as these needles are clogged, you won’t be able to descale the brewer. As a result, the descale light won’t turn off if the entrance and exit needles are clogged. 

If your brewer’s descale light won’t turn off after descaling, you must check whether the needles are unobstructed. If they are not, you must clean them to restore their functionality. 

There are two methods to clean these needles. First, you can purchase a needle cleaning kit from Keurig’s website or Amazon. It will be a one-time investment and proves overall useful. 

But if you are not interested in that, you can clean the needles with a DIY method. To do so, you will need a sewing needle or a paper clip. Push down the sewing needle or clip down the Keurig’s needle. 

This will unclog the orifices of the needle. Once you are sure they are clean, run an empty descaling cycle. The cycle will push water through the needles and will rinse them thoroughly. 

However, there are chances that this method might fail. In such a situation, you must opt for the first method, i.e., the needle-cleaning kit. 

Moreover, be careful while using the kit. Otherwise, you may end up pricking yourself with the needle. 

3. Unclogged the Drain 

The drain becomes clogged when scale particles accumulate in the water reservoir. This may happen when the brewer has not been used for long. 

Besides, clogging may even happen during the descaling process. A clogged drain will prevent the descaled waste from passing through. 

Thus, if your brewer is not descaling properly, it might be due to a plugged drain. 

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved. All you need is to place a water tank on the reservoir and push down water through the drain with a syringe. 

When you see water flowing down the drain, it implies it is now unclogged. Run a new descaling cycle in the brewer and let the process finish. 

This video can give you a further demonstration of how you can unclog the Keurig water drain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the descaling light still on after descaling?

The light might still be on because the descaling process may have been left unfinished.

Clogged needles, plugged drains, and forcefully stacked refillable cups in the pod are some of the other reasons that may also cause the descale light to remain on after descaling. 

How do I stop my Keurig to stop saying descale?

To switch off the descale indicator on your Keurig brewer after the descaling process, press the 8oz and 10oz for three seconds.

How do I manually reset my Keurig descale light?

To reset the Keurig descale light, you must follow a systematic procedure.

First, you should power on the brewer. Next, hold the 8oz and 10oz simultaneously for about five seconds. Doing so will reset the Keurig descale light. 

Author’s Takeaway

There can be multiple reasons why Keurig descale light won’t turn off after descaling. Thus, you must inspect them individually to determine the root cause. 

You can reset the system if you still have trouble switching off the descale light. But I don’t recommend this method.

Because by doing so, you will neglect the issue, which will arise again after some time. 

That is why you should always aim at solving the issue. Consult Keurig’s user manual, as it will instruct you on the descaling process for your brewer’s model. 

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